What Kinds And Specifications Of Multi-functional Nursing Bed

- Mar 21, 2018-

1). The type of multi-functional nursing bed.

The multi-functional nursing bed can be divided into three categories: electric, manual and general nursing.

1. Multi-functional electric nursing bed.

Electric multi-function nursing bed adopts imported motor, which can be divided into five functional electric nursing beds, four functional electric nursing beds, three functional electric nursing beds and two functional electric nursing beds. Nursing bed is the main characteristic of this kind of electric motor is luxury configuration, process design and equipment, such as european-style fence, aluminum guardrail, remote control operation, the brake control casters, and so on, this kind of multi-function nursing bed is generally applicable to intensive department severe patient monitoring equipment.

2. Hand-operated multi-functional nursing bed, hand-operated multi-functional nursing bed is set according to the number of rocker bars, which can be divided into luxury multi-function three-cradle nursing bed, two-fold three-fold bed and single shaking table. The characteristics of the multi-function nursing bed is mainly lies in the rocker device and can be configured with different accessories, such as belt bedpan, reasonable technological design and the different choice of material, etc., generally applies to hospital in-patient department each department.

3. Ordinary nursing beds, namely straight bed/flat bed, can be set up as the case, which can include a simple hand bed and other beds, which are generally applicable to hospitals and clinics.

2) The specification of multi-functional nursing bed.
1. The specification of electric multi-functional nursing bed can be defined as: 2150*1000*520/720mm.
2. The specifications of the hand-operated multi-functional nursing bed are as follows: 2150*1000*520/720mm, 2150*1000*520mm, according to the luxury three-function nursing bed and two functional specifications.
3. The general nursing bed can also include two functions of hand table and flat bed, the specification is set as: 2020*900*500mm.