Tianjin Build 1 Hour Gold Treatment Circle

- May 23, 2018-

          This year, tianjin will be a national stroke center construction in the popular project construction project, strive to build by the end of eight national stroke center, make the patient to the hospital to intravenous thrombolysis treatment start average time reduced to 60 minutes.

          We have learned, at least in principle, each district administrative division of tianjin center will build a stroke, build form "1 hour golden circle" in treating cerebral apoplexy, implementation to call no more than an hour, pre-hospital transport no more than an hour, admission to dose not more than one hour.

         On this basis, the tianjin also explore to establish "advanced chronic disease control and prevention center, stroke center - stroke of medical institution" three-level hierarchical diagnosis system, forming a stroke ZhuanBing medical institutions at all levels of couplet, senior stroke center provides difficult critically ill case referral, consultation, such as technical support, grassroots medical and health institutions, chronic disease rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes and medical institutions stroke rehabilitation and nursing center in collaboration, follow-up, etc.