National Health Committee Do Real Fine Family Doctor Signing Service

- May 23, 2018-

           Regarding health committee recently issued the 2018 signing the family doctor service notice, require further do real fine family doctor signing service, continuously improve the residents' satisfaction.

             Notice requirements, priority for the elderly, maternal and children, and high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases and severe mental disorders of health management service. Will encourage conditional region rural poverty with a chronic illness and basic rehabilitation services for the disabled into the personalized contract scope. With mobile phone client, telephone, Internet or other means, convenient signing residents receive child care, health, chronic disease management, and other services. Level 2 above hospitals at the grass-roots level provide images and ecg diagnosis and remote consultation services, build green channel for referral of patients, set aside a proportion of visit to family doctors and beds. To improve primary and secondary above hospital drug use. Focus on increasing high blood pressure, diabetes, children's common diseases, such as specialized service ability. By lowering the starting line, improving measures such as reimbursement ratio, guide people to the clinic.

             Improve incentive policies, improve GPS wages, with the local county district public hospital clinicians wages of corresponding same conditions. Reasonable target task, not blind pursuit of signing rate, do one contract, the performance of a serious investigation to the fraud behavior.