ABS Instrument Vehicle Medical Vehicle Maintenance

- Aug 18, 2017-

Before cleaning the ABS trolley, if there is a power connection, please turn off the power first, while carefully water or detergent into the equipment accident.
1. Soak the pure cotton cloth with high softness and twist to eight minutes.
2. Wipe the finger marks on the surface of the bodywork or other stains carefully.
3. Apply the detergent to the pure cotton cloth and rub evenly.
4. Then use pure cotton cloth to wipe the stain area until the stain is removed.
5. The Pure cotton cloth is put in the clean water to wash, removes the cleaning agent in the cloth.
6. Twist to eight minutes until wiping away the residual part of the body surface detergent.
This maintenance measure time is generally suitable for 2-3 weeks for a period of maintenance, daily maintenance with pure cotton and water wipe can.