ABS Infusion Truck Is A New Technology School's Counter Attack

- Aug 18, 2017-

Medical equipment is absolutely a technology-driven industry, has continued the development of technology-oriented thinking, always standing in the forefront of the market. Domestic enterprises, the low end of the demand for large-scale development of the main line of the enterprise majority, now China's economic growth has entered the "shift period" from high speed to medium and high speed, and it has already arrived at a new stage that must rely on scientific and technological innovation to lead, support economic development and social progress, and must improve the quality of "Made in China" and the influence of "China's creation".

ABS Infusion Truck is the traditional treatment vehicle plus new technology upgrade version, multi-functional treatment vehicle, multi-functional nursing Workstation, and more humanized design. Technology to enhance the value-added products, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, brand reputation.