The prevention of stroke

- Jun 19, 2018-

After three and a half minutes to wake up at night, opened his eyes, to half a lie and a half minutes, then sit in bed half a minute, and then legs sagging edge of half a minute, then the fields. Is a special emphasis on "three and a half minutes," because the stroke often happens at night, and tend to occur when the patient got up the toilet at night. A sudden change in the position to cause cardiovascular problems, especially the elderly is more dangerous.

Is three and a half hour morning exercise for half an hour, taijiquan, running, but not more than three kilometers, or in other sports, but it is different from person to person, right amount motion. In the second, a nap half an hour, this is the need to biological clock, and nap half an hour, in the afternoon to work, particularly energetic. Old people need more sleep. Because of the old man slept early in the evening, get up early, very need to have a rest at noon. 3 it is night and walk the walk when six to seven and a half hours, can reduce myocardial infarction, the incidence of hypertension. Insist for a long time, is of active significance to the prevention of stroke. Even a healthy person, can do "three and a half hours", also help to prevent disease of heart head blood-vessel, still can strengthen body and prolong life. 

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