The hospital bed description

- May 23, 2018-

1) bed frames for double fine steel welding. Bed surface adopt popular mesh structure, permeability is good, strong and durable.

2) the surface of the bed body through pickling phosphating electrostatic pensu processing, beautiful shape.

3) the head of a bed, bed end by the environmental protection engineering of wood molding, beautiful shape, loading and unloading.

4) railing for Korean aluminum alloy clip hands folded guardrail.

5) trundle stainless steel mute universal wheel, wheel brake, stable and reliable, beautiful and easy.

6) table board for ABS material, strong hardships and stand hard work.

7) electric and function: within 0-85 degrees rose back free.

8) electric music leg function: when can the patient sit up the leg bent, easy bed to wash feet, soak the foot. Angle in 0-85