The function of hospital bed

- May 24, 2018-

1. The function of back

Up the back Angle is: 0-75 °, realize rise slowly back, shake gently without resistance.

2. The function of wheelchair

Can make the patient to sit up in 0-90 ° Angle. After sitting up with dining table or reading and studying. Removable multi-function table, need not when can be put into the bottom of the bed. Often let the patient sit up, can prevent the tight organization, reduce oedema. Helps to restore activity ability. After the patient sit up, can remove the end of the bed, from the end of the bed under the bed.

3. Wash feet function

The bed can be picked to go to the end of the bed, with wheelchair functions can be more convenient for patients to wash feet, massage.

4. Slide prevention function

Sit up when the hips up, which can effectively prevent patients passive slide down when sitting up.