safe use of hospital bed

- May 23, 2018-

1, multi-function electric medical bed before use, first check whether the power cord plug is firm. Reliable controller line.

2, linear actuator wire controller, power supply cord shall not be placed in the lifting connecting rod and between upper and lower bed frames, in order to avoid wire is cut, personal equipment accident.

3, back after sunrise, the patient lay down on the panel, are not allowed to push.

4, people can't stand jumping on the bed, back up, sitting on the back and stood on the bed panel, are not allowed to push.

5, After universal wheel braking, are not allowed to drive and mobile, loosen the brake rear can move only.

6, no lateral pushing, lest barrier damage.

7, the road uneven cannot push, universal wheel damage in case of multi-function electric medical bed.

8, using the controller, the control panel buttons, only one button to complete the action. Not at the same time, according to two or more keystrokes multi-function electric medical bed, lest produce misoperation endanger patient safety.

9, multi-function electric medical bed to be mobile, have to pull out the plug, the power source controller wire wound, party must push.

10, multi-function electric medical bed need to move, should improve guardrail, lest the patient fell and hurt in the process of moving. Electric bed, have to two people at the same time operating, in order to avoid in the process of pursuing direction is out of control, structural damage, and endanger the patient's health.