Multifunctional Electric medical Bed maintenance

- Aug 18, 2017-

1. When you do not use the multi-functional electric medical bed in the lowest position, the power line controller line around, pushed to safety, will be the wheel brakes.
2. Regular inspection, check the controller line and the linear transmission wire, connectors are firmly reliable, connecting Luo bolt and so on is loose.
3. Regular cleaning, use of neutral detergent cleaning, after cleaning with soft cadres wipe, as far as the ventilation department.
4. Avoid alkaline or other corrosive liquid cleaning.
5. In the process of handling and use, the collision is strictly prohibited to prevent damage to structural parts.
6. Do not contact with strong acid, strong alkali, prevent corrosion, such as inadvertently local by strong acid, strong alkali corrosion or sticky dirt, not in time to remove discoloration produced stains, can be washed or soaked with water, and then with a neutral synthetic detergent with wet cloth wipe, and then dry cloth wipe clean.
7. If you need to repair or replace parts, please contact our company After-sales service department, do not disassemble.