Medical Beds Product Details

- Aug 18, 2017-

1. The bedstead is welded into two-layer high-quality steel. The bed surface uses the current popular network structure, the permeability is good, sturdiness and durability.
2. The surface of the bed is treated by electrostatic spraying with pickling and phosphating, the appearance is beautiful.
3. Bedside, the end of the bed by environmental engineering Wood once formed, beautiful appearance, loading and unloading freely.
4. Guardrail for the Korean-style aluminum alloy clamp folding guardrail.
5. Casters using stainless steel mute universal wheel, 4-wheel brakes, stable and reliable, beautiful and generous.
6. The table board for ABS material, strong endurance.
7. Electric Get Up function: in 0-85 degree range back free rise.
8. Electric Curved leg function: Can in the patient sits down the calf bends, facilitates the bed to wash the foot, soaks the foot, angle may at 0-85.