Medical bed introduction and classify

- Mar 26, 2018-

Brief introduction:

  Medical bed can also be called nursing bed, hospital bed etc, a sickbed used by a patient in hospital.

Main usage occasions are various big hosipitals, health clinics in towns and townships, Community health service center, etc.

classification basis:

   There are many kinds of medical beds, which are classified in the following categories.

    According to the material, it can be divided into ABS medical bed, all-stainless steel medical bed, semi-stainless steel hospital bed, all-steel sprayed medical bed, etc.

  According to the feature points, can be divided into electric medical beds and manual medical beds. Besides, electric medical beds include five functional electric medical beds and three functions of electric medical beds, etc.,  manual medical beds includes double medical beds, single wave medical beds, flat medical beds.

     According to movability, it can be divided into wheeled medical bed and the right Angle medical bed, among them electric medical bed is generally can move belt wheel.

   In addition, there are some other special features of hospital beds, such as: low three functions, home care bed, electric bed with bedpan medical bed, burns emancipated bed, salvage bed, mother and child bed, baby bed, examined children bed, ICU ward bed, bed, etc.