Introduction of Electric Nursing bed

- Aug 18, 2017-

The Electric nursing bed can be used as a multifunctional nursing bed or as a medical multifunctional nursing bed. It can control the Take-off and landing of the bed through the button, but also can use the electronic remote sensing technology automatic adjustment bed angle and the height, can assist the patient to sit-ups, the knee curled up the leg and the left and right turn over, the electric nursing bed has brought the gospel to the old person who the mobility inconvenience and the

The appearance of home care beds, electric nursing beds and multifunctional nursing beds, greatly facilitates the family has long been sick of the elderly families, multi-functional nursing bed can help patients to achieve supine, half lying and sit in the form, enhance the patient's self-confidence, on the other hand, also equipped with infusion racks and tables and other accessories, but also to reduce the burden of nursing staff.