Composition of medical beds

- Aug 18, 2017-

The medical bed consists of a rigid bedstead and a bed panel, and the bed panel consists of three parts, the back plate, the sitting plate and the foot bending plate, which are characterized in that the backrest plate, plate and foot bending plate movable joint, the back plate and the joining of the board hinge fixed on the bedstead; a rigid bracket is installed under the back plate, and the bracket is connected with the bracket lifting mechanism, and a straight rod bracket is installed under the seat plate, and the straight bar bracket is connected with one end of the upright rod

In this way, through the mechanical movement of the lifting mechanism, can drive the back plate, the rise and fall of the seat plate and the bending plate of the foot can conveniently adjust the nursing bed to the condition of making people lean and kneeling, make the patient more comfortable, lighten the labor intensity of the nursing staff, and if the lifting switch part of the lifting mechanism adopts remote control mode, the patient's self-care can be achieved.