Bad habits lead to lumbar disease

- Jun 06, 2018-

At work, many people will habitually choose forward sitting office; After work, most people like half lying on the sofa watching TV, playing mobile phones. Actually these comfortable position the waist injury, after a long time easy to cause low back pain.

Many seemingly comfortable position in life, in fact, can cause a lot of pressure to the waist. This is because, reach forward, the weight of the head, torso and upper limbs will focus on lumbar this a strong point, lumbar bearing under the most pressure.

The forward position sitting more comfortable and more comfortable than standing up, all is false. Work while studying at my desk and go to the supermarket shopping leaning forward against the shopping cart, can let the waist under great pressure, prone to lumbar injury. These bad habits, also hurt the waist

In addition to the forward position, life still has a lot of the habit of waist injury.